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Matrimonial Law
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Child Custody

Child Support

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Equitable Division of Property and Indebtedness

Identification of Marital Property

Identification of Separate Property

Financial Misconduct

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Divorce can be a confusing and painful ordeal.
By the same token, it can also be a liberating experience.  In either case, you are left with many questions and concerns as to how to proceed:

 - Have you carefully considered whether you really want to end the marriage?  

 - What is in the best interest for the care, custody, and support of your children?  

 - How do you identify “separate” and “marital” property and indebtedness?

 - How do you allocate separate property and “equitably” divide marital assets and debt?

 - Has there been financial misconduct during the marriage, and, if so, how can this be remedied? 

 - Is spousal support (alimony) appropriate?

 - Are there alternatives available for spousal support and how are amounts and limits determined?

We are here to help you through this uncertain time and answer any questions you may have about the divorce and family law process.  We can guide you through the intricate and complex issues that will impact both you and your family for the foreseeable future.

We appreciate your trust and are committed to achieving the needs of you and your family during this difficult time. 

If you or someone you know need the services of an accomplished Ohio divorce attorney, please contact us today.

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